Feat One
Experienced qualified staff.
Feat Two
Close community ties for over 100 years.
Feat Three
The right equipment for every job.

Heavy Haul > Big, Wide and Ugly. We can move it!

General Freight > Delivering what you need on time.

Machinery Rigging > Specialized precision movers.

Warehousing > Storage conditions for every need.

Nelson Trucking Co. - Moving the Northwest for over 100 years.

We have the right equipment for every job and are happy to be of service to you in all your needs big and small. Whether it's a crane you need moved in sequential loads or if you need an entire construction site moved, we can handle it.

Heavy Haul

Heavy Haul - "Big, Wide and Ugly. We can move it!"

The Nelson heavy haul division has the capability and experience to move your equipment where it needs to go, no matter what the size. BIG WIDE AND UGLY WE CAN MOVE IT!

The more commonly hauled items include cranes, excavators, forklifts, drills, and all other construction and industrial related pieces of machinery. The diversity and size of our fleet of RGN, LOWBOY and other specialty heavy-duty trailers; their attachments allow us to move a multitude of items with ease. For example here at Nelson we have had the pleasure of hauling specialty items such as; Rescue helicopters, a MIG fighter jet, submarines, military tanks & vehicles and a NASA space shuttle flight simulator.

General Freight

General Freight - "Delivering what you need on time."

Our extensive fleet of tractors and trailers of every variety means that Nelson has the capacity to handle any size project you throw our way. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to accommodate every need in getting freight where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, so you can continue moving forward without delay. Nelson has been in the general freight business for over 100 hundred years; please let our experience and expertise increase the efficiency of your business.

Machinery Rigging

Machinery Rigging - "Specialized precision movers."

Nelson's machinery and rigging crews have been a huge helping hand for over a century in building the city of Seattle as we know it today. Our arsenal includes a fleet of forklifts in an array of sizes and specialty lift equipment. Ranging from simple blocking & jack systems up to advanced equipment such as gantries and booms. Our experienced staff and techniques coupled with our unique abilities allow us to effectively maneuver around any obstacles you may face.


Warehousing - "Storage conditions for every need."

Here at Nelson we have several storage options available for our customer's every need. Whether you have sensitive equipment that requires indoor environmental control or standard freight that simply requires outdoor yard storage; Nelson is your solution.

Our secure on-site facility provides a one-stop shop for all your storage and shipping needs. Nelson brings secure simple storage together with on time delivery to fulfill your transportation goals.

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